“Mothers, expect the Lord to speak to you about your children.”

It’s always nice to visit and have time to chat with my mother-in-law. We see eye to eye on many things, including parenting. It’s been hard to find time to chat with kids constantly running around, so it was nice to get some time to chat one night just before we came home.

We were talking about the wisdom that God gives to mothers when it comes to their kids. She told me the advice she always gives young ladies is to “Expect the Lord to speak to you about your kids”. And she told me a few stories about how the Lord showed her things that were happening to her children (my husband and his younger sister) and how He would lead her to pray for them.

I’m of course interested in and amused by the stories I hear about my husband. Don’t we all love to hear stories about our spouses or friends from when they were young? He’s told me some of these before. So here’s one I’m sharing to show how true her words are, to expect God to show us things about our children so that we can pray for them.

When Cameron (my husband) was about 19 years old, he went to Bible School in Waverly, New York. One day, his mom woke up with an impression of something having happened to him. She saw him walking up the hill to the school in the winter cold. She thought he must have wrecked his car. And he didn’t have a coat with him so he was freezing! Not long after, he called, and he told her he was picking up bread for the school in the school’s van, and the van had gone off the road in the snow and he’d had to walk up to the school to get help. And… he didn’t have his coat on so he was freezing the whole way up! But he wasn’t hurt. No one was hurt. 🙂

This is just one story of many and it’s so true that the Lord shows things to parents. I have a story of my own to tell too.

When Caleb was about 6 months old, he was sleeping on our bed with us one night. I dreamt that he fell off the bed, and within the next minute, I heard a thud and he had indeed really fallen off the bed! I remember being jolted out of my sleep and thinking, “God must have been warning me but I didn’t respond to the warning!” And my baby fell off the bed. Nowadays I take my dreams more seriously. Over the years, God has given me dreams about different people so that I can pray for them and maybe even give them advice on something they’ve been praying about.

God works through dreams. He’s done that in Bible times and He still speaks today. So for all believers, do stay alert to what God is saying and may we recognise Him when He speaks to us.

And to moms, pray for your children, trust that the Lord will give you wisdom for your children. He will also hear the prayers of a praying mom. And expect the Lord to speak to you. 🙂

(For children of praying parents, you can’t run away! Oh and btw, from my experience, God can also speak to your youth leaders and pastors. It’s really by His grace and mercy that our sins get found out before it’s too late and we get to a point of no turning back. I’d rather get found out and repent than to lose my salvation because of a hard heart that refuses to repent.)


Here are some pictures of my dear in-laws with their grandchildren!

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