God speaks to me through bedtime songs for Anna

I sing to Anna every night when putting her to bed. But tonight, the first 2 songs I sang to her ministered to me too! It’s like God was talking to me through the songs.

I started with “He’s able” in Chinese.


He’s able, He’s able
I know He’s able
I know my God is able to carry me through

It was a long, tiring day and the end of 9 days without the daddy around. So I was really tired, physically and emotionally. When I started singing this song though, I was reminded of the truth in the song. My God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or imagine! And He has given us the grace and strength to go through the week, in the midst of the haze and our schedules. 🙂

The second song was “He’s got the whole world in His hands” and the message I was reminded of was totally different and unrelated!

I was going through the different verses and when I sang “He’s got the itty bitty baby in His hands”, I suddenly thought of all the little itty bitty babies – those who are still in the womb, those who are born premature, those who are newly born – and I was reminded how God knows each and everyone of them. They all matter to Him, He who holds the whole world in His hands.

I’m also reminded what a terrible thing abortion is. It’s the killing of little itty bitty babies who are as human as you and me. And yet people explain it away with no regards for morality. Saying it’s not murder is nonsense because by now, everyone in the educated world knows life began at conception. Our hearts start beating even before our bodies have taken shape. And no one refers to an expectant friend’s baby as ‘that lump in your womb’. “Hey when is that lump in your womb due?” No! We’re all excited for our friend’s baby!

Abortion is an abomination and murder. The enemy is killing so many of the future generation through abortion. This is something God put in my heart many years ago. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) and one way he kills is through abortion. In the days of Moses and in the days of Jesus, the ruler of their days commanded baby boys to be killed. It was the enemy’s scheme so that the plans of God for redemption will be thwarted. Today, the enemy also wants to stop God’s plan to raise up an end-time army. (Another way the enemy is killing the future generation is through suicide. Suicide rates are rising among youth and children today.)

But God will prevail. And His church must take a stand against abortion.

Besides itty bitty babies lost through abortion, I’m also reminded how those itty bitty babies who didn’t make it to see this world due to miscarriages are now seeing the light of the Father’s face. Because He holds them in His hands.

I know, it’s quite a bit of a heavy topic to go through my mind as I sang my baby to sleep… but it’s a good reminder. Or 2 good reminders. So as my baby lays sleeping, I’m just penning these thoughts down. And I’ll keep singing my baby to sleep as long as she wants to so that I can also tune my ears and heart to hear the heart of God. 🙂

Here's a photo I made in June of instagrammable photos versus reality

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