Love is…

Yesterday I wrote a series of “Love is…” to share little acts by the husband that made me feel loved. It garnered some responses from friends and I thought I’d share some of them. They’re really sweet!

Love can be seen in the little things we do everyday for those we love – our parents, siblings, spouses, friends.

For me:

Love is

“Love is when your husband buys strawberry jam all the time because it’s your favourite, even though he likes many other flavours.”

“Love is when your husband lets you sleep in and takes care of the baby, even when it’s not Mothers’ Day.”

“Love is when your husband goes grocery shopping with you (sometimes more than you) because he doesn’t think this is a women only job.”

These are other quotable quotes shared by my friends:

“Love is brave enough to challenge the things not done before. My husband took half a day to take care of baby alone today even though the crying baby is very much looking for mama and grandma. His first time bathing the Gavyn today too! Very proud of him.”
– Charmaine Lee, mother of 3

“Love is when your siblings sacrifice their own time to bring you to the hospital because you have problems walking (due to a sprained ankle).”
– Valerie Low, my cousin

“Love is the hub teaching the kids Maths, spelling and 听写 even though he has work to be done.”
– Linette Low, mother of 3

“From someone in a long distance relationship: Love is choosing to take the step of being faithful to each other even though you only get to see each other six weeks out of a whole year, and spending time and money travelling to be together. And then making plans to live in the same country.”
– Cheryl Marie Tay (I totally understand this!)

“Love is reaching home and finding out that the laundry basket is empty because the husband just did laundry when I thought I will when I get home from work.”
– Aishah, mother of 2

“Love is in the smiles of your kids knowing that they are the result of 2 persons who are so in love & who want the beauty of love to continue to their next generation.”
– Ummu Insyirah Nursiah, mother of 3

“Love is when you find your husband changing curtains and bedsheets because he doesn’t want you to inhale the dust! Haha! Love is found even in the simplest form of action.”
– Niko Abisado Soriano


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