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I started my blogging journey on my first blog, www.privilegedtoserve.wordpress.com. Although I haven’t always had the time to write, I have enjoyed all the times I did get to write, and sharing my stories and thoughts on my blog. Since I write about a variety of topics, I decided to consolidate some of the most special topics on this blog, which will be a more specific family and parenting blog.

My favourite subjects to write about are, of course, my 3 wonderful children! Witty and fun-loving boys, Caleb (8 years old) and Evan (6 years old), and our sweet princess, Anna (1 year old). As every parent will agree, kids are a limitless source of stories – good and bad, funny and sad.


I  like to bake and share some of my recipes on my blogs. Crafts are a rarity, but I’ll share what I’ve gleaned from others’ idea banks, if not my own!

I am a teacher by profession. Since the birth of our second child, Evan, I have gone on a part-time teaching scheme, which is wonderful as it allows more flexible work hours. I also took a year and a half off to be a stay-home-mom when Evan turned 2, and went back to teaching in a secondary school in June of 2012. I love my job! I always say I have 2 boys at home and about 8 in school that I have to mother, because I have the privilege of working closely with some boys in school who come from underprivileged backgrounds. (You can read some of my stories about youth on my other blog, stories such as this.)

My husband is a full-time Missions Pastor in our church and we love God and we love missions! I also write about missions in my other blog, privilegedtoserve. Cameron is my best friend and the best guy anyone can hope to marry. And since only one person gets to marry him, I’m glad it’s me! He is also a great Daddy and a wonderful partner in crime, I mean in parenting.  🙂

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So, enjoy reading about the joys of being kids, the wisdom and faith of kids (which can surpass ours), and the joys and woes of being parents here on this blog, Privileged Kids Blog! And know that you are not alone on your parenting journey. Times can get challenging, but it is worth every effort, every tear, every heartache, to see the smiles, receive the hugs and hear the affirmation from your children. Children are indeed gifts from God and we are privileged to serve them.  🙂

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My beautiful family



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!! I saw your privilegedtoserve blog, but your last post was from Nov. 2013. So i thought I’d message you hear in case you check this blog more often than the other. Anyways, I saw your post about your visit to Pondok Hayat and specifically your stay at Simo House. I am doing a similar trip this coming July/August and wanted to ask you some questions regarding your visit. It’d be great if you could get in contact with me via email. Hope to hear back from you soon! God Bless.

  2. Hi there! Chanced upon your blog, and am encouraged by your story here on the About page! Thought it’d be nice to keep in touch through your blog’s facebook page, if you have one, but will check back here if you don’t. 🙂

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply and thanks for stopping by! We just returned from the US straight back into the rush of work. I don’t have a Facebook page for my blog as it’s really just a recreational blog for me to write when I get to write. I’d love to be able to write more. 🙂

      I do have a page for another blog I started though, incidentally. It’s a blog for parents with cleft babies. Please feel free to like it and help publicise it. We’re trying to reach as many parents as we can and offer timely help and support. The blog is http://www.ourcleftangels.wordpress.com. There’s a link to like the Facebook page there. 🙂

      You probably know Dorothea and June. They’re the mummy bloggers I know. And a young and new upstart, Esther of acidlacedkisses.

      Yes please do keep in touch. Always good to know other like-minded mummies in Singapore. 🙂

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