Caleb’s Article on “Why We Should Do Missions”

Yesterday Daddy gave Caleb an assignment, that is to write a report or article on why we should do missions and here’s what he wrote and I’d like to share it because it encourages me too.

“You should do missions because the workers are few and the harvest is plenty. People need to be reached.

Some people need to know God. God has a plan for all of us and if we don’t know it, we need a messenger.

We need to go to the mission field. You need people to know about God. We need to go out and do what’s right. We need missions. We need to tell people about Jesus.

Jesus went on many mission trips. For some reasons. To help, heal and teach the Bible. We need to know the Word.

The world is waiting for you. Just go.

You know God has a plan. You people will be saved. You know that it’s your time to shine. Go to the mission field.”

By Caleb Walcott, 7 years old

(Very minimal editing by Mommy)