Mini Cleft Support Group


Us humans tend to form groups and cliques with others of common interests or backgrounds. For this group of parents, it was our special loved ones that brought us together. We are all mommies and daddies who have babies born with either a cleft palate or cleft lip and palate (except for our dear medical personnel friends who are in the group too).

Through the journey with Anna – taking care of her before and after her surgery for cleft palate repair, we have gotten to know these new friends. Some have had kids already gone through the surgery before us, others have kids who have yet to go through the surgery. Having been through this ourselves, we know how important it is to have support and also to have people we can ask questions of. Google has been a good friend but Google also has many other friends and they don’t all say the same thing! “Don’t give baby solids yet”, “start baby on solids at the same time as you would any other baby”. This is just one example. And we also haven’t been able to find a website or a group in Singapore. This is important because what we go through is more similar, especially if we go to the same hospital.

So from this group of parents, we formed a small group on Facebook where we can share experiences and ask questions. We also hope to be able to help other parents going through the same journey. So if you have a cleft baby too and are looking for friends and support, please join us. But because this is a secret (or closed) group, I’ll have to add you in. Please search Singapore Cleft Parents Support Group on Facebook to find us.

We have also come up with a website/blog with more information about Cleft Lip and Palate in Singapore. We hope it will be a useful one-stop place for anyone who needs help. Visit us at and please like our page on Facebook. Search for Our Cleft Angels. Thank you!

We are blessed so we can bless others.