God can speak through a 6-year-old

It’s been a long day, an emotional day. Been following the news about the Sabah earthquake. My heart goes out to all those involved and their families. My own friend has flown there this morning to help with the rescue efforts and of course, our prayers are with her and the rest who are there.

But to end the day on a very encouraging note, here’s an account of how God used a 6-year-old to bless me and a friend. In a timely manner.

The 6-year-old is of course my son, Evan.

We are working on the book of Ruth for his bible reading. Tonight we read about Ruth meeting Boaz while gleaning grain in his fields. When asked what he learnt from this story, he said, “We can meet people where we are.” It sounds simple and straightforward enough.  I encouraged him to elaborate on it and explained to him that when we are faithful in doing the right thing (like Ruth), God can cause us to meet the right people He wants us to meet.

So not long after that, a friend was sharing some frustrations and uncertainties with me. Along the way, I told her I wanted to share the lesson Evan and I learnt tonight from the book of Ruth.

With regards to choosing the hard way, we can see that when Ruth did that, she found herself in the will of God. Ruth could have chosen to remarry in her hometown and have someone take care of her. But she chose to go with Naomi. Which meant she had to literally find food for their survival. It was not easy. Little did Ruth know that in choosing to follow Naomi and her God (“your God shall be my God), she ended being redeemed by Boaz. And on top of that, to be the great-grandmother of King David! Yea, THAT King David!

So my encouragement to my friend was to not be afraid to choose the hard way, because if that is the way God wants her to go, she will be in God’s will.

She replied in utter shock that she couldn’t believe what I just shared with her. That of all stories, it has to be the story of Ruth and Naomi. It was a big deal to her because that was the story that God spoke to her about right at the beginning when she embarked on this journey that she’s on.

So at a juncture when discouragement set in and she wondered if she’d made the right decision, God used the bible reading lesson of a 6-year-old boy to remind and assure her that He’s in control. Isn’t that amazing?

Maybe somebody else needed to hear this reminder too. When you choose to follow God, you will find yourself in God’s will. It may be hard sometimes. And sometimes we fall or stumble into His will, barely with any strength left. But in our weakness, His strength is made perfect. His grace is sufficient and He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can think or ask for. That’s how good God is.

Oh and did I mention that we weren’t even supposed to be reading this part of the story? We did because we’re one day behind. Just too much orchestrating. Only God can do that.