We have moved!

Yes we have moved to the USA in August of 2016. I have also moved to blogging in our family ‘moving’ blog to keep friends and family updated of our move to the US and our life and church here.

We have moved to the Metro Detroit area in Michigan and are planting a church in this area. Our blog is www.walcottswalk.wordpress.com

Do continue to follow me on that blog to be updated and/or continue following my thoughts. 🙂



Love is…

Yesterday I wrote a series of “Love is…” to share little acts by the husband that made me feel loved. It garnered some responses from friends and I thought I’d share some of them. They’re really sweet!

Love can be seen in the little things we do everyday for those we love – our parents, siblings, spouses, friends.

For me:

Love is

“Love is when your husband buys strawberry jam all the time because it’s your favourite, even though he likes many other flavours.”

“Love is when your husband lets you sleep in and takes care of the baby, even when it’s not Mothers’ Day.”

“Love is when your husband goes grocery shopping with you (sometimes more than you) because he doesn’t think this is a women only job.”

These are other quotable quotes shared by my friends:


“Love is brave enough to challenge the things not done before. My husband took half a day to take care of baby alone today even though the crying baby is very much looking for mama and grandma. His first time bathing the Gavyn today too! Very proud of him.”
– Charmaine Lee, mother of 3

“Love is when your siblings sacrifice their own time to bring you to the hospital because you have problems walking (due to a sprained ankle).”
– Valerie Low, my cousin

“Love is the hub teaching the kids Maths, spelling and 听写 even though he has work to be done.”
– Linette Low, mother of 3

“From someone in a long distance relationship: Love is choosing to take the step of being faithful to each other even though you only get to see each other six weeks out of a whole year, and spending time and money travelling to be together. And then making plans to live in the same country.”
– Cheryl Marie Tay (I totally understand this!)

“Love is reaching home and finding out that the laundry basket is empty because the husband just did laundry when I thought I will when I get home from work.”
– Aishah, mother of 2

“Love is in the smiles of your kids knowing that they are the result of 2 persons who are so in love & who want the beauty of love to continue to their next generation.”
– Ummu Insyirah Nursiah, mother of 3

“Love is when you find your husband changing curtains and bedsheets because he doesn’t want you to inhale the dust! Haha! Love is found even in the simplest form of action.”
– Niko Abisado Soriano

Carpe Diem with your children

It’s not easy to ‘carpe diem’, or seize the day, when you have young children. On most days it’s just hoping for the day to pass and for you to have survived another day. (How many of you are like me and keep checking the clock and counting the minutes to bedtime?!)

Sometimes parents put their dreams and ambitions on hold to focus on giving their children the best they can, both in monetary terms and in time. That is noble and truly sacrificial.

On the other hand, there are parents who neglect their children in the midst of pursuing their own careers and ambitions. I think none of was want to be in this group.

Although it is noble and sacrificial to put our own dreams and ambitions on hold for the sakes of our kids, sometimes we lose sight of those dreams. Sometimes these dreams move further and further away and we begin to settle.

I don’t wish to settle.

I don’t think I’m overly ambitious, but I do have my dreams that I hope to see come to pass. One of my desires is to travel on mission trips. I did that every year through my university years, but I got married a year after graduation and had my first kid the following year. Traveling on mission trips was put on hold for a whole 5 years. I did get back on traveling at least once a year after the second kid was 2 years old. (The perks of being married to a missions pastor – lots of trips to go on and a husband who supports and believes in missions!)

When I share with others my love for travel and missions, some of them would tell me, with every good intention, that I can travel more when the kids are grown up, even more when they are out of the house. And yes, of course that’s true and I nod in agreement, but deep down I’m thinking, “I don’t want to wait that long!”

I think we need to carpe diem, when we are young, even when the kids are young.

Involve the kids in ministry

Like I said, I did go back to traveling some, and it’s been such a blessing and privilege to be able to do that. I’m thankful for the help I get for the kids when I travel. My husband and I hardly travel together (I only travel about once a year) so that at least one of us will be home with the kids.

The key, I feel, is to share every experience with the children; to carpe diem with the children. It is not, “This is my thing, my career, my hobbies” but to make it “our thing”.

This is important when it comes to being in a minister’s family. We have heard of pastors/missionaries’ kids who grow up not liking the ministry because they feel that they have lost their parents to the ministry. We pray, by His grace, that our kids will never feel that.

God first, family next. And ministry (or what we think is ministry) is not God. It cannot become our idol.

So we make sure to involve our children in the ministry we do as much as we can. They are there with us in church services, in volunteer programmes, in dinner meetings, even in church clean ups. And last year, we brought the whole family on a mission trip to visit some orphanages in Surabaya, Indonesia. (read Caleb’s post about it here.)

When we visited Surabaya

We explain to them the things we do. And I think we send a powerful message when we model serving God. If they see our love for God through our ministry for Him, we hope they will also have that same love for Him and desire to serve Him. They have to see that we put God first above everything and that if God wants us to serve Him in some way, we will all serve Him together.

At a big conference service
At a big conference service

I have seen how letting our children into our lives have really benefitted both us and them. For one, we spend more time together since we bring them where we go when we can.

When we were pastoring the African Congregation in church and I was teaching Children’s Church, my boys would tell me I’m their favourite Sunday School teacher (I’m sure that’s not a biased statement!)! I’m not sure I’m the best, but at least I’m their favourite. 🙂  And the funny thing is they behaved for me as if they were in ‘school’, not quite the same as they would be at home, even though they’re good boys. 🙂

Supper with ex-youth
Supper with some young people from church. So thankful for these ones who help with the kids when I need help!

Now that Caleb is older, he would go to work with Daddy sometimes and they spend a lot of time in general talking about different things. Daddy also brought him on a trip to the Philippines last year. One thing Daddy does is to let Caleb read his sermon notes, so Caleb knows some of his recent sermons. A few weeks back, Caleb showed me a sermon he had written. He really surprised me, it was so good! It sounded like something I heard in my theological studies! It was about the Pharisees. But the funny thing is he outlined his sermon like his Daddy does for his sermons, including a story, some questions pointed at the audience, down to an altar call at the end! (tears…)

Talk about your life and your dreams

When I come back from work, I talk to the boys sometimes about what’s happening at work, especially about the youth I work with who come from troubled families. I can see that the boys are developing empathy as they ask questions about my students. I also tell them funny things that happen in school and we enjoy laughing about what happened in school for me and for them.

I believe in what I’m doing, and I want my children to be right in it with me. I don’t want them to think they’re losing me to work or to ministry. Sometimes when I ask them about whether they’d want me to go to work or stay home, they’d tell me I should go to work. One of their reasons is so they can come to my staffroom and visit (kids’ logic??) and another is so that I can continue helping the students who need help.

So instead of begrudging what we cannot do when we are ‘tied down’ with young children, let’s begin to involve them in our lives, in the things we do, even in the mundane tasks. (Even though they are boys, my boys love to help me in the kitchen. I think they have grandiose ideas of being Junior Masterchefs!)

So go ahead, carpe diem with your children. And share with me how you do it. 🙂

A Visit to Detroit Historical Museum (from our US Trip Summer 2015)

As we are enjoying our vacation here in the US with family, I haven’t been taking many photos. Not on my camera at least. But today I brought it out for our visit to the Detroit Historical Museum, which is one of my favourite places to go to in Detroit (there are still many places I haven’t been to!)

Here are some snapshots from the afternoon there.

I don’t know what’s with Anna’s grumpy face.

DSC07855 DSC07858

DSC07862Evan hamming it up DSC07863

DSC07865This boy can really smile if he wants to. Such a sweet smile!


Daddy is teaching Anna that Trammell is number 1!
DSC07873 DSC07877 DSC07878 DSC07879
He was proud to drive his mom.
Zoom out and you can see that another little kid was trying to climb up while her brother watches over her.
DSC07881 DSC07882 DSC07885
Daddy and Caleb having a lunch date back in time.
DSC07886 DSC07897 DSC07898 DSC07899 DSC07901

Church Family Day

Last Saturday was our church’s family day by the beach. The Cornerstone Family Day.

Team Walcott joined the ‘Amazing Race’ and got a consolation price, but that also means top 10. 🙂

Here are some pictures from the day.

Team Walcott
NG shot of the kids not being ready
A photo on a stony footpath. It's supposed to be therapeutic?
Outside a surfboard rental shop. I didn't know we could surf in Singapore!
Our 'creative' shot on the rocks
Evan volunteered for a stage game. He lost by just 2 seconds!
And finally, a family shot halfway through the race. Photo credits: Agung

It was a great day with family and friends and the extended church family. Didn’t take many photos as I was too busy eating and talking to people!

Let’s do this again! Looking forward to Family Camp in June next (my plug in for church camp 🙂  )!